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From Food to Lifestyle

Kcal is a food and experience company with a portfolio of restaurants, meal plans, and products focused on healthy eating and healthy living. Black was tasked with unifying the value proposition and brand promise under a single brand identity.

From Many to One

During the process we reimagined the core of Kcal. One brand, one byline, one proposition at the core of everything Kcal does across regions, target audiences, and product lines. The latin phrase for this is e pluribus unum – from many to one.

We sought a return to the core, with a visual element that embodies all the essential values of Kcal.

A Strong Visual Direction

The idea of shape served as the inspiration for the new logo. For Kcal, an icon has the advantage of visibility, strength, recognizability, and versatility. Together with the color universe and other elements it positions Kcal as the leader in the space.