Design Identity Experiences

Black is a global design and innovation agency.

With over two decades of expertise, our team specializes in crafting compelling identity and narrative experiences, adeptly reimagining challenges and solutions while fueling innovation and growth for multinationals, retailers, SMEs, government entities, and trade associations.

Strategically engaged in corporate identity, concept development, narrative shaping, and branding, we bring these strategies to life through innovative design thinking and execution. Serving clients and partners with a global reach, we deliver hyper-relevant, tailor-made concepts, campaigns, and experiences from our offices in Copenhagen, Washington DC, and Dubai.

Our holistic approach combines creativity, strategic insight, digital acumen, and design thinking, shaping identities that not only make a lasting impact but also drive tangible results.”

Design is not how it looks, it’s how it works.

While many associate design with taste and aesthetics, we understand that true design considers human, business, and technological contexts. We go beyond crafting logos; we shape identities that resonate, creating tangible business value.

Our core consulting approach doesn’t merely address short-term symptoms; it establishes the foundation for long-term success. A well-defined core attracts talent, fosters partnerships, and instills love for your products and services. Remember, the visual logo is a mere manifestation of your identity; positioning yourself strategically in the digital landscape is crucial for staying relevant and ensuring success in today’s hyper-competitive world.