As a fairly new union – Virksom have already placed them selves as the go-to organisation for entrepreneurs. By specializing in the field of entrepreneurship, Virksom has the tools to bring you further.

Client: Virksom
Date: October 3, 2016
Services: Art Direction

Brief this

Working with existing brandbook

This is one of the few projects we have been working on, where we haven’t defined the brandbook ourselves. This was actually a fun excercise in that working with a brandbook someone else have made, gave us new insight to how a brandbook works, where it should be specific and when to give creative room.

Using this brandbook we created several roll-ups, a back wall for a conference and flyers.

Process this

Where is the line of sight?

Working with big format projects like this one, it’s always important to keep in mind that the end user isn’t going to have complete view of the roll-ups, because people are going to stand in front of them. This makes placement a lot more limited than on smaller formats that you have in your hands, in that you need to place the most important elements in eye-height. 

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Working with Virksom have been a true delight and a very positive experience, even though we didn’t have the creative freedom we are used to, we still managed to make the best of it.