Torp Gulve

This exclusive manufacturer of high-quality flooring relied on Black to produce a visual identity that matched the unique products. We also produced both website, brochures and many other print materials.

Client: Torp Gulve
Date: August 4, 2015
Services: Visual Identity, Branding, UI/UX

Brief this

High-end wood for a high-end market

In 2004 Johan Madseen stumpled upon a noble Douglas log at a little sawmill in an old forrest. It was love at first sight.

Johan got a local carpenter to process the log into flooring using only the best artisanal methods. He then went home to Denmark with the Douglas floorboards to see if the danish people shared his enthusiasm for a world class natural product.

They did!

Process this

Being as highend a product as it is we wanted the design to be laid back and let the images talk for them selves.

The torp design is clean and sophisticated, with a light color palette. The same goes for typography where we picked Stag italic for headlines and a gotham for the rest. Wood being a soft material we wanted the same to go for the logotype. Clean and soft.

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Working with a client that produces a highend product is always interesting and definitely holds its own challenges. We have always enjoyed working with Torp Gulve and we still do.