Stand Up America

We have a secret. We love politics, but hate that in most political campaigns, campaign design is usually an afterthought. Stand Up America was a political action committee launched to support an independent candidate for president during the last three months of the US presidential election. We were tasked with creating a powerful visual identity for the campaign committee that would be used to frame the words and images of the candidate.

Client: Stand Up America
Date: August 1, 2016
Services: Visual Identity, Branding

Brief this

“Our campaign committee needs a compelling visual identity support an independent candidate for president .”

Running for president is an expensive undertaking. With only three months till election-day, Stand Up America wanted a dynamic campaign identity that would translate across all advertising platforms – cable TV, print, outdoor and digital – and complement the existing identity of the candidate. 

Process this

This project was unique in that the client needed the brand not promote themselves but but someone else entirely. We needed to create a unique identity that could frame the candidate’s message.

We decided to develop a dynamic logo which would work as a frame for content in the same way that a frame in an art gallery does a painting. The red frame in the logo expands to fit any advertising platform in both small and large format. Stand Up America ended up with a clever identity – subtly enhancing without stealing the show.

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Stand Up America allowed us to prove our creative thinking can cross cultural and geographic boundaries. We stuck with the traditional red, white and blue common in traditional US presidential campaigns but added a more modern Nordic design element to really help it stand out.