Smurt = Lube. A high-end bike cleaning product line, Black is proud to have created everything from the product to the packaging, from the print and outdoor ads to Smurt’s social media presence.

Client: Smurt - New Bike, Everyday
Date: 2016
Services: Products, identity, branding

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A clean bike is a fast bike. At Black, we are pretty passionate about our rides but we found most of the cleaning products on the market were lacking – so we decided to make our own. Advances in modern chemistry means that its now possible to have effective detergents that are also environmentally safe. That was our motivation in developing the Smurt line – the most effective bike cleaner without the moral hangover!

Fun fact?

Denmark is the ultimate destination for biking holidays. With more than 12,000km of marked cycling routes of incredible variety with plenty of amenities along the way – Denmark is a country made for cyclists and inspirational trips. 

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Excellence in cleaning and care products

We developed Smurt to give the hardcore rider a clean and green ride with more in the can. We incorporated an environmentally safe propellant that takes up less space, so there is more product with every purchase. The bottle and label are clean and simple to highlight the wild green color of the Smurt cleaning products inside.

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