A fast-growing auto repair chain was becoming too large and too recognizable to muddle along with a poorly executed corporate identity. Skorstensgaard turned to Black to develop a strong visual identity – one that would highlight their hard work, growth and would better reflect how the company wanted to be seen by their customers.

Client: Skorstensgaard
Date: 2016
Services: Identity, Web Design

Brief this

After Skorstensgaard won the prestigious Gazelle award it was time to position their corporate identity as a full-fledged franchise.

Winning the Børsen Gazelle award (given to the fastest growing companies in Denmark) opened the eyes of Anders & Martin Skorstensgaard to the possibilities of creating a better way to run an auto repair shop franchise. Skorstensgaard approached Black to develop a bold new visual identity – one that would make it apparent that they were no ordinary auto repair shop. To complement their new identity, Black build a new customer focused website that would grow with the company and highlight their innovative and easy-to-use online auto repair booking system.

Process this

We spent a lot of time researching the symbolics for the new Skorstensgaard identity to help them standout from their competition. Beehives were the inspiration behind the hexagon symbol that anchored the new design and represent the diligence, precision and strength of the Skorstensgaard team. 

In addition to the icon – we developed a custom Skorstensgaard logotype. Since the name is quite long – we wanted it to appear much shorter visually. We accomplished this by developing a unique, condensed typography and mashing two a’s into one. We completed the new identity by developing a set of unique icons to help customers navigate efficiently through the Skorstensgaard retail shops and website to improve the customer experience. 


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Skorstensgaard has grown from a single retail location into a seven-shop franchise. Their growth plan is on pace to double those retail outlets by the end of 2018. Black is helping them create a brand standard for their continued expansion.