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In Kolding, Denmark, it is still possible find an authentic, local optician that believes in quality craftmanship, design and customer service. All traits that seem to be lost to the trade. These days, all you get from your optician is a price war with their competitors which is why Seerup created Seerup Flex.

Client: Seerup Optics
Date: 2016
Services: Branding, Identity, Marketing

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Creating an identity for a sub-brand

In 2016, we were approached by Seerup Optics to help develop their brand strategy for a new product, Seerup Flex. Seerup wanted to refresh their existing corporate identity while simultaneously creating a distinct one for their Flex product lineSeerup Flex is a new subscription product line that gives customers the option to buy various frames without having to pay for lenses each time.

We developed a distinct typographical pattern and two new color schemes to differentiate between Seerup Optics and the new Flex subscription brand – Flex.

Process this

Brand and product distinction

We started with a dusty gray/green color scheme to tie Seerup Optics to their roots as craftsman. We then added a new color, Flex Blue to distinguish the new Seerup Flex sub-brand. The Flex Blue compliments the gray/green of Seerup’s primary identity, making it easy for customers to recognize the new offering. We also developed a unique letter pattern modeled after a doctor’s eye chart to connect it to the Seerup name (all E’s in the pattern appear in doubles mimicking the name sEErup).


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