Pro Petroleum

The first time is always special and the same is true for Black’s first American brand identity project. Pro Petroleum was the company that sparked our interest in US design work and made us realize that our way of thinking was needed in the biggest marketplace in the world.

Client: Pro Petroleum
Date: 2016-04-07
Services: Identity, Branding, Design

Brief this

This project was a total long shot for our team – it was a pitch with no client brief.

Pro Petroleum is a strategic fuel logistics company which means they blend, sell, store and transport all types of fuel across the Western US. Pro’s old logo had been with them since the company was founded. It was a classic oil drop, but it didn’t reflect how diverse the company had become over the years.  A simple google image search yielded dozens of companies with a similar design. They needed a change but losing the oil-drop completely would have been a stretch.

Process this

Working with symbolism

We decided to preserve the oil-drop, but re-created with several tiny arrows pointing in different directions. This presented a very unique identity that captured the logistical aspects of the company and more accurately represented what Pro Petroleum actually does.

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Black’s first foray onto US soil allowed us to demonstrate how to work across time-zones, cultural differences and language barriers.