Olufs icecream

It is still necessary to draw tourists and Copenhageners away from the open spaces, parks and attractions and into the small side streets. OLUF’s Ice has succeeded in waking life in Østerbro’s secret gem: Olufsgade, a nice little street parallel to “Brumleby”.

Client: Olufs icecreams
Date: 2017
Services: Identity, Graphic design, Copenhagen
Olufs, icecream, social, illustration, identity, strategy

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Black worked on solving graphical tasks, advertising, increasing SoMe strategy, online awareness and tighten the identity.

The core of Oluf’s ice sticks is of course the fresh ice cream made of milk. Their ice has a smaller air content and is far less fat than normal industrial ice sticks. It gives The Oluf ice cream a stronger flavor and a softer consistency – which is pretty much what we did with their identity, removed a lot of air and applied more strategy to create consistency across all platforms.

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“The new design is more playful, but still contribute to their growth trough online marketing and a stronger visuel identity”

Jonas Rasmussen, Art Director

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We are big fans and deeply fascinated by the olufs beauties, and who had thought that ZAPP icecap would get a competition like numero uno gelato? And then by such a little cheeky Italian?

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