Monjasa is a global bunkering company with a remarkable success story and our team at Black is proud to have been a valued partner from the very beginning. We created the logo and brand identity, executed marketing campaigns and produced their elegant annual report and yearbook. Black builds all of the Monjasa websites and other digital properties and produces their corporate videos.

Client: Monjasa
Date: Since 2002
Services: Identity, Branding, Art Direction, Web

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Monjasa represents respect, curiosity and ambition

Monjasa strives to make a real difference in the marine fuel industry. Not necessarily by offering a huge menu of different services, but in their care, competence and excellence in which they perform a relatively simple business under sometime difficult conditions. That attitude is reflected in the branding.

Brand this

“We are Monjasa in every port”

We decided to apply the logo bookmark into the corporate toolbox to create a global visual link between Monjasa Group and Monjasa World Wide. Monjasa’s original black oil color was updated to a dark Nordic blue to emphasize their main services at sea. We developed their tagline and high contrast pictures inside a clean Scandinavian design to create an instantly recognizable global brand identity. 


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A rewarding long-term partnership

Black has been a valued and trusted business partner of Monjasa since 2002. By always being proactive and ahead of new marketing and visual communications tendencies, we have an original partner who continues to add value to our global oil and shipping activities.

During all these years, Black has played a predominant role in laying the groundworks and building up the strong brand identity, we have today. By developing and designing everything from our corporate identity, online careers’ concept, to our offline marketing collateral, Black has ensured quality throughout our stakeholder touchpoints.

Thorstein Andreasen, Communications Manager @ Monjasa