Black became a part of the Be You campaign for Microsoft, when Marvelous contacted us to help finish up the digital aspects.

Client: Microsoft
Date: March 3, 2017

Brief this

Black helped Marvelous help Microsoft

When Microsoft rolls out a digital campaign, it’s on all platforms and in many languages. With the ‘Be You’ campaign, this was no different.

The Scandinavian company Marvelous were hired as bureau, but when the deadline approached they needed help with the finising touches. Marvelous created the concept and now the time had come for the production and implementation. Even though Black loves the creative proces in concept- and strategic development, we never say no to collaborating with colleagues from other companies.

Process this

Job well done, here is some more!

Black created multiple web banners – in many sizes, for various platforms and in different languages. We weren’t the only partners on the banner-project, but after a fast and professional collaboration, Marvelous asked Black to stay on the project.

For what happens when you click a web-banner? Landing pages! With a lot of years in the digital marketing business, Black understands the importance of a good landing page, with all the disciplenes: from UI to copywriting. Black delivered perfectly and to high praise from our partners.

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It was a pleasure helping out Marvelous and we would definitely do it again, for what is the worst thing that could happen in a collaboration? Learning a thing or two and meeting great new people. At Black we are pretty sure to be on the top of the call sheet.