We named the brand isolés (noun isolé) – An independent rider in the Tour.
Which made perfect sense, when we started working on it.

Client: isolés
Date: 2018
Services: Identity, Strategy, Branding, Website

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Iconic & refined

isolés’ individual experience of the rider is paramount. While cycling can be highly communal, it remains an individual pursuit, defined by the feeling of the individual on the bike.

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Our mission to improve cycling apparel is an homage to the devotion that carries a cyclist out the door. We don’t just avoid cutting corners. We seek to elevate every detail, from identity to materials, styling, tailoring and production — all to serve the better ride.

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Anders Christiansen
Founder / Creative Director
+971 50 9701296

This brand should be a concept that riders feel a strong emotional connection with. Which made perfect sense, when we started working on it. You may find it difficult to relate to Eddy Merckx or Mark Cavendish. But you can certainly relate to yourself, your own beliefs, values and needs in cycling.

Photographers, Carlos Fernández Laser, Jesper Bøjlund and Felix Reimers
Model, Patrick Pilz