Hunter Foods

Dubai, U.A.E.

We are a leading “Better for You” Snacks and Foods Manufacturing, Packaging and Distribution company, based in Dubai, U.A.E.. The first of its kind in Dubai, Hunter Foods was established in 1985 and known for our brands Safari, Aladin and AliBaba, we are recognised worldwide as leaders in premium food & snacks.

Client: Hunter Foods
Date: 2018
Services: Identity, Branding, Design

Brief this

A ”Better For You” snack company

Since the start of Hunter Foods in 1985 the core values of the company has changed as the tagline Better For You states.

It is now time to change the brand to unify the look and feel of Hunter Foods with their values. A part of this change will be to give the brand a more modern look while also providing elements to help tell the story; Better For You!

Process this

Everybody loves a good snack and it is always linked with good times 

We wanted to create a logo and icon that in a subtle way symbolise the happy feeling you get when eating snacks. Why not try and capture that exact moment where the snack hits the tastebuds. 

In the name where U and O aligns vertically we tweaked the letters a bit so it now ever so slightly resembles a tung and a snack. Along with the graphic elements we have created a style of imagery from the same idea as the logo. That tingling sensation when a great snack hits the tung and you can’t help but smile.

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Anders Christiansen
Founder / Creative Director
+971 50 9701296

Rarely have we seen a happier client, than when we presented this identity and without moving a single comma or anchor point, the identity was completed. A special thanks to the Hunter Foods team for a great process.