Hand The Ball

One of Denmark’s most famous handball players developed this innovative charity that makes a big difference for kids in the third world. Black was happy to lend a hand by developing the charity’s visual identity.

Client: Hand The Ball
Date: 2013
Services: Identity, Charity

Brief this

Hand the Ball has a singular mission – improve the quality of life for children and teenagers in developing countries and disaster areas world-wide.

It was a simple concept – shift the focus of one of the most competitive sports in the world to make it a more social and activating game and in the process – make it more inclusive for participants of all ages, genders and experience levels. 

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Anders Christiansen
Founder / Creative Director
+971 50 9701296

“Since 2013 I’ve had the privilege to work with Black as our design and graphical partner. Black are both highly skilled, creative, fast working – and last but not least good company making them a perfect partner to work with.”

Kim Fischer
Managing Director at Hand The Ball