Freemi App

Freemi is short for freeconomy. On Freemi app EVERYTHING is free. Giving away your used belongings is now easy and fun. You will NEVER throw perfectly fine items out again.

Client: Freemi
Date: 2018
Services: UX, UI, Identity

Brief this

Live life more FREE

Freemi, previously called ta’ det, was in need of a total make-over. They needed an international brand and a new and more intuitive user interface. The concept of a ‘freeconomy’ became the anchor point of a swift joint creative process. Freemi is now ready to take over the world with a beautiful app experience matching their great concept!

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Process this

This process was extremely efficient and fun. Freemi (former ta’ det) is a small start-up which meant fast decision processes and creative co-operation. The ‘Freemi’ name change and app update is the biggest move in the history of their service, so it was important to listen to and incorporate every idea from every member of the Freemi team.

“The new design is more playful, but still contribute to their growth through online marketing and a stronger visual identity”

Jonas Rasmussen, Art Director

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Founder / Creative Director
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Since the app release in March 2018, Freemi is already experiencing more traction and increased app retention. It’s proof that user experience and a great visual identity makes a difference for the end-user.