A product’s life cycle should be circular rather than linear. Products made from natural materials can have long, functional lives and then return to where they came from rather than accumulate in a landfill.

Client: Ayaida
Website: ayaida.dk
Date: 2018
Services: Identity, Packaging, Website

Brief this

Durable Reusable – free of chemistry

This new brand within the water category/universe is aimed at a younger and more urban segment who values honesty in sustainability.


Process this

Our task was to help Ayaida with their identity on their new products which should reflect that each material in their products is carefully selected for its durability, giving you more time before each product ends its life cycle.

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Anders Christiansen
Founder / Creative Director
+971 50 9701296

The result is a simple but sustainable identity that is reflected on web, packaging and in their increasingly large range of products.

Shop the products on ayaida.dk – you can also make an donation here.