Austin Petersen

To be a leader is to be bold. Plant a flag and defend it. Austin Petersen is a generational candidate and a movement leader. Smart and authentic, just like this identity for his US senate candidacy.

Client: Austin Petersen
Date: July 4, 2017
Services: Branding, Identity

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The next United States Senator from Missouri

Austin Petersen is no stranger to US politics. In 2016, he sought the Libertarian nomination for president.  Young, articulate and a passionate speaker on issues like free markets, limited government and the second amendment, Petersen is running as a Republican this time around. While his party label may have changed, his platform hasn’t.

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The power of threes

We created a design that demands to be noticed but also reflects Austin’s qualities as a candidate and a man. Youthful vigor with a nod to the constitutional principles of liberty, freedom and the open debate over American ideals.

The identity stands on its own but is also dynamic, allowing it to be incorporated across all modern campaign platforms including print, digital, TV, outdoor advertising and campaign merchandise.

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As you read this Austin Petersen is campaigning hard to restore the voice of liberty to its rightful place in the United States Senate and we at Black are of course rooting for him! Austin is a man of integrity with a lot of ideas and helping him with his visual identity has been a privilege and a pleasure. Good luck, AP!